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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Why do I need braces? Can I wait to get them?

Dr. Perret: The most obvious benefit of braces is a beautiful smile, but having proper tooth alignment, bite and function minimizes the risk of many other dental problems. To help maintain that smile for a lifetime, timely treatment is important. Patients will derive different benefits from braces based on their particular problems. During the initial consultation, I will explain the benefits you or your child can expect from proper orthodontic care.

Question: When should I begin my child's treatment?

Dr. Perret: The best time for an evaluation is around seven years of age for girls and eight years of age for boys. Often, problems that look serious aren't as bad as they seem, and immediate treatment is not recommended. However, some very serious problems are hardly noticeable to the untrained eye. Our complimentary consultation gives you peace of mind in both cases.

Question: My dentist offers braces at his office. Why should I visit an orthodontist?

Dr. Perret: An orthodontist (orthodontic specialist) is a dentist who has completed two or three years of additional training in a nationally accredited orthodontic specialty program. Such programs are dedicated solely to the treatment of orthodontic patients and their problems. Although there are many family dentists and pediatric dentists who offer excellent orthodontic services, without this specialized training, they are not recognized as orthodontists by the American Dental Association, the American Association of Orthodontists, and the American Board of Orthodontics.

Question: How long will my treatment last?

Dr. Perret: Orthodontic treatment duration varies, and it’s based on numerous factors. Treatment can last from several months to several years depending on the severity of the problem. Starting at the proper time in a child's development can also play a significant role in lowering the time and expense of orthodontic treatment. The only way to narrow it down for a given patient is to come in and let us have a look.

Question: How much will my treatment cost?

Dr. Perret: Charges will vary based on the type and amount of work that needs to be done. In general, the longer the treatment time, the higher the cost; that can mean anywhere from several hundred to several thousand dollars. Regardless of the investment amount, braces can be much more cost effective than other dental treatments that may be required if orthodontic problems are ignored. When averaged out over a lifetime of smiles, orthodontic treatment is quite a bargain.

Question: Do you have payment plans?

Dr. Perret: Of course we do. We offer no interest payment plans, family discounts, and discounts for full payment at the beginning of treatment. We are happy to work with most insurance plans on your behalf. We accept all major credit cards as well.


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